The engagement ring trends in 2023

From Roman brides wearing a gold ring in public and an iron ring at home, to the simple poesy rings of the 1700s, to Megan Fox??s two-stone emerald and diamond ring with magnetic gold bands, the idea of engagement rings has surely come a long way. It all changed in 1947 when De Beers released its A diamond is forever slogan and soon enough, a diamond ring became synonymous with a marriage proposal. 

Modern engagement rings vary immensely in style since every individual has a unique personality. While some look for the traditional solitaire ring sans any frills, others would want their ring to bring in a lot of drama. So, if you are planning to pop the question, here is a Jianna list of desirable ??engagement ring trends for 2023??.

Antique cut diamond

The antique-cut diamonds are the toughest cut to find. Hence, the hottest engagement ring trend is the old mine cut. Only those stones that were mined and hand-cut between the 1300s and the 1930s fall under the antique cut-diamonds category. Since no two pieces are alike, it gives the bride that much-needed distinctiveness and a unique faceting pattern. For fans of the Victorian era, the rose cut features a flat base and faceted domed top for an understated sparkle.

Wedding band

The 90s chunky wedding bands have made a comeback! When Emily Ratajkowski included a thick gold cigar band in her wedding ring set, the trend just exploded. To enjoy more flexibility, you can opt for plain bands and choose any engagement ring design to go with it. Intricate wedding bands can also be a great choice with filigree detailing that uses gemstone or diamond settings, patterning, grooves, and more. Even waved and curved bands with a solitaire ring have become hugely popular (remember Hailey Bieber?). In metal choice, one can pick from platinum, yellow gold, white, or rose gold, or alternative metals like tungsten and tantalum.

Pear-shaped diamond ring

Yet another 90s trend making a major comeback is the pear-shaped diamond ring. It is becoming increasingly popular probably because pears spread more than their carat weight and end up looking larger than their actual size. From Frank Sinatra proposing to Mia Farrow with this style ring in 1966 to Offset proposing to Cardi B with an 8-carat pear-shaped diamond in 2018, these engagement rings have become all the rage.

Black Diamond

For those looking to add a whole lot of drama to their bridal set, black diamond stones would be the go-to choice, all thanks to the ever-quirky and ever-stylish Carrie Bradshaw! Several celebrities like Carmen Electra are known to rock the black diamond engagement ring.

Bezel-set ring

In this artsy setting, the stone is surrounded by precious metal instead of the usual prongs. Bezels feature a thin rim of metal that encircles the stone either completely or partially. It is the perfect setting when you are going for a delicate gem in your ring. From geometric shapes to ovals to cushion cuts, you can set them in bezels for a modern and sleek aesthetic.

Cluster Stone

Think Megan Fox??s asymmetrical cluster stones! Since there is no restriction of symmetry, cluster stone rings offer endless possibilities in terms of style and design. A hugely popular bridal trend, the number of stones per ring seems to be increasing over time. But then again, why wear one gem or diamond when you can wear 3?


If you wish to ditch the traditional route, then going for a precious gem like an emerald can be a great pick. If you do not wish to have an emerald as your centerpiece, you can always keep it as a side stone to a diamond (think Jackie Kennedy Onassis?? toi et moi engagement ring) or have emeralds on bands. Since emeralds offer a crisp green hue, they can offer the perfect contrast to a sparkly and clear diamond.

Lab-grown diamond

If you give high importance to ethics and affordability, then a lab-grown man-made diamond could be an excellent choice! Also, for the environmentally-conscious buyer, these sustainable diamonds are attractive since they can have a net zero carbon footprint and offer complete climate neutrality. These diamonds rate good in terms of cost-savings and accessibility and hence market experts believe that their average carat size could soon move closer to 3 carats!

So, are you on board with the most sought-after engagement ring trends? At Jianna, our experts can offer you the guidance that you need if you are planning to pop the question any time soon. Book your appointment or visit the Jianna website to find the most desirable engagement rings!

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