What is a Paraiba stone and why do you want to buy one?

The Paraiba Tourmaline is a rare and highly sought-after gemstone that is renowned for its vibrant blue-green hues. Its popularity is due to its unique color spectrum, which makes it stand out in jewelry designs and can fetch prices as high as $100,000 per carat.


The first Paraiba stone, also known as cuprian elbaite, was discovered in Brazil in the 1980s, and its color is due to a trace of copper in its mineral composition. In 1999, the World Jewelry Confederation officially recognized "paraiba" as the trade name for this gemstone. In the early 2000s, similar tourmalines were found in Nigeria and Mozambique, causing a division in the gemstone industry. However, it was later agreed that the name "Paraiba Tourmaline" encompasses all stones, regardless of their origin. 

Beauty and Rarity

Paraiba Tourmaline's rarity and vibrant colors make it one of the most desired gemstones on the market. For every 10,000 diamonds mined, only one Paraiba is found, and stones weighing over three carats are rare. The color of the stone is more important than its clarity, but its cut and quality also significantly impact its value.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Paraiba Tourmaline is versatile and can be cut into a range of designs in both small and large sizes. Its pure and large stones can also produce valuable secondary pieces when cut. This versatility and flexibility make it a popular choice for modern jewelry designs, especially in the upscale market.

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