Tanzanite stones and what makes them unique

The Tanzanite gemstone: Meaning and Properties

The breathtaking deep blue hues of Tanzanite have captivated the world for some time now. These stones are found exclusively in Tanzania, where they get their name from. Tanzanite gemstones belong to the epidote mineral group and come in a range of shades from deep blues to violets, each as beautiful as the next. 

What is Tanzanite?

Tanzanite is a type of the mineral zoisite, which is known for its unique, stunning deep blue shades. It is 1,000 times rarer than diamonds and can only be found on Mount Kilimanjaro, making it one of the most sought after and fascinating jewels in the world. The color of Tanzanite is derived from vanadium during its formation and its rarity makes it a geological phenomenon. Unfortunately, Tanzanite is expected to be depleted in the next 25 years.

How much is Tanzanite worth?

Tanzanite is more valuable than other stones due to its rarity. Once the supply runs out, its value is expected to increase, making it a great investment. The color of Tanzanite also affects its value, with a pure blue stone being worth around $300 to $425 per carat for a two-carat stone, and $650 to $750 for three carats or more. If there are hints of green, the stone is considered less valuable.

What color is Tanzanite?

Like most blue gemstones, Tanzanite has different hues, ranging from deep blue to light violet. The most sought after color is a vivid blue with a hint of purple. However, what sets Tanzanite apart is its unique multidimensional color. When viewed from three different directions, the stone can show three different colors, making it trichroic. From one side it may be a specific shade of blue, while from another it may be violet or red.

Is Tanzanite rarer than diamonds?

Diamonds are popular and valuable stones that are used for many special occasions, such as the 60th wedding anniversary, also known as the diamond anniversary. The value of diamonds depends on factors such as color and size. However, Tanzanite is much rarer than diamonds and the chances of finding more naturally occurring stones are small, making it a one-of-a-kind gem.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a stunning statement piece that also serves as an investment, Tanzanite is a great choice. To learn more about creating a custom piece of jewelry using Tanzanite, contact one of Jianna's specialists at 713-524-3333.

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