10 necklace styles that you'll love

Jewelry aficionados experience a eureka moment at least once in their lifetime. Thats when imagination meets reality and they finally set their eyes on the necklace of their dreams. 

To have and to hold precisely what your heart desires is a feeling that cannot be put into words. However, shopping for the perfect necklace can often feel like a hassle. There are several things to consider before narrowing down on a necklace design for a woman, from picking the right length to considering how often you would be wearing it.

Whether you are picking a piece for yourself or wish to surprise your special someone, it could save you a lot of trouble if you are aware of the different necklace styles. Here is our guide for 10 of the most popular styles:

1. Chain:

The go-to choice for any neckline, chain necklaces can enhance any look, from athleisure wear to a formal occasion. You can enjoy this style in varying lengths and sport it either in the form of solid strands or as interlocked links. From round cable connections to twisted ties, the pattern variation makes this necklace style a wardrobe staple.

2. Festoon:

If a graceful Grecian garland suits your style, then festoon might be the perfect fit. With a delicate drape across the collarbone, this style is surely worthy of a ball-gown affair. Along with a choker-sized primary chain, a festoon features intricate chains that are often enhanced with jewels, gems, precious metals, and pearls. A quick tip: avoid wearing this style with high necklines as the fabric may tangle its design.

3. Lariat:

Also known as the Y necklace, this rope necklace makes a dangling pendant that is suspended from a combination of beads and chains. The length of this clasp-free necklace is usually to the waist and you can even wrap it like a scarf.

4. Matinee:

Perfect for the fashionista that knows how to rock a plunging neckline, the matinee-style necklace falls between a lengthy opera necklace and a short choker and is thus perfect for stacking necklaces. The ideal suggested length for the matinee style is between 20 to 22 inches.

5. Opera:

If you are off to a formal occasion, then an opera necklace can be your perfect partner. You can go for those black-tie affairs wearing this style either as a single strand or a multi-layered style with other opera necklaces of different lengths. Ideal for deep-necked attire, the opera necklace is usually 30 to 36 inches long.

6. Pendant:

From a stylish initial to a precious gem to an astrological sign, a pendant necklace offers endless possibilities. This standalone charmer has a design hanging freely from a chain that can vary in size. For those wishing to showcase their personalities, a pendant necklace can offer immense versatility. Technically speaking, even locket necklaces and medallions can be referred to as pendant necklaces.

7. Lavalier:

Invented at the beginning of the 20th century, the lavalier necklace features a delicate chain with a small pendant and stones, gems, etc. hanging from it. If you are going for a feminine look, then this style works well with flowy garments. The standard length for this style of necklace is 16 inches and it rests right below the collarbone.

8. Princess:

Embellished with focal pieces and pendants, a princess necklace stands out owing to its length and design. You can either opt for a light necklace or a heavy one and wear it to elevate a V-neck or a jacket. Sitting stylishly underneath the collarbone, this necklace can be your perfect choice for a formal occasion.

9. Choker:

If you want your hands to be free during an outing, then the choker style might suit you best. Since this type of necklace is worn around the neck, you dont need to touch it, again and again, to ensure that it is in place. Choker necklaces for women are usually wider than other necklace styles and their length is between 14 to 16 inches. You can also pair your choker with a dainty chain or a longer necklace for a layered look.

10. Collar:

Also known as a crew necklace, a collar necklace is a great choice if you do not want to constantly fidget with your jewelry. This style usually features a defined shape and sits on the wearers collarbone. You can wear it with an off-shoulder top to bring focus to your delicate neckline. The usual length of the collar necklace is 12 to 14 inches.

Still, having trouble finding necklace designs that make your heart flutter? Then you can go for the bib, graduated, sautoir, torque, multi-strand, pearl strand, charm, negligee, and other necklace styles. Apart from different styles, several other factors make a necklace perfect for an individual. The texture and color could determine if the piece would be understated or flashy. The type of materials used could either make a necklace opulent or modest. In terms of size, you could go for sleek statement pieces or chunky boho styles.

Whether you opt for a silver or a gold necklace, several such elements come together to determine its overall aesthetics. Do not let these insights overwhelm you. Simply book an appointment with Jianna Jewelers to have our experts guide you in your search for that perfect piece!

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