A guide for styling and layering necklaces
The jewelry that someone wears can be a great form of self-expression. It is a chance for the wearer to exhibit creativity and bring out individual style and personality. A layered necklace set is a trend that has managed to hold its ground and has continued to evolve. It gives you a chance to enjoy multiple jewelry pieces in one go. Now, who would not want that? You could opt for an interesting neckline stack and combine two or more pieces for unique layered necklaces. You also get to bring in vintage pieces or old jewelry for layering chain necklaces and elevate your style in a pocket-friendly and sustainable way. While it all sounds very exciting and fun, there is always the risk of going overboard when it comes to creating beautifully layered necklaces. The trick is to balance out every piece so that the necklaces end up complementing each other for a harmonious look. Since there is a method to this madness, here are some Jianna tips for styling your layered necklaces: Start slow If you are new to layering, then it is best to start off with just a two-strand stack. You could have a choker at the top with a princess piece or if you wish to add a charm necklace, then that could be your last layer. Once you are more confident about your style preferences, you can move on to three or even four necklaces. However, having more than four pieces in a stack might make the look seem cluttered or messy. Irrespective of how many necklaces you go for, remember to add plenty of dimension to your creation so that it does not just look like a big clump. Use varied textures, thicknesses, and weight It might be a good idea to use chains of similar thickness if you are going for a powerful two-strand layering. When going for three or four pieces in your stack, opt for something like a coin necklace or chunky cable chains to play with textures. If your stack keeps on getting tangled, use pieces that vary in their weight. Focus on lengths Apart from focusing on the texture, thickness, and weight, considering the length of each piece is equally important. It will not only prevent your stack from getting tangled but will also let each layer get proper attention. For instance, if you are wondering how to layer beaded necklaces, you could start off with a 15-17 inch piece, followed by a 17-19 inch necklace, then a 20-24 inch piece, and finally a 28-37 inch necklace. Try adjustable pieces Since playing with length is such an important aspect of layering, you could find necklaces that have multiple clasp options. By clasping chains on a shorter or longer link, you can get your desired length. So, if it is a 28-37 inch piece, you can make it shorter by adjusting the clasp placement. Even necklaces that can be fastened with a string or ribbon can give you control over where the piece falls. Stick to a dominant metal If you wish to mix different metals in your stack, then it is better to pick a dominant metal and let the other metal complement it. You could wear earrings or rings of different tones or add contrast to your stack. When you mix metals across the board, it brings a sense of cohesiveness to the entire look. Play with color This can help to bring that sense of pop to your look. You can experiment with color in your layered necklace designs through crystals and personalized charms. You could also go for gemstone pendants to elevate your entire look. One great tip is to incorporate different metal types throughout your stack. For instance, rose gold and yellow gold pieces in one stack could make the whole arrangement stand out! Have fun with it If you go too much by the rules set by fashion magazines or influencers, you may feel overwhelmed with the entire process. Layering necklaces is supposed to be a fun way of expressing your personality. What may work for your friend or an influencer, may not work for you. The structure of your neck, your body type, the type of necklaces you prefer, your outfit choices, the event you wish to attend, etc., will all come into the picture when you start putting a layered look together. So, it is important to always stay true to yourself and enjoy the process! Need more tips to consider when layering necklaces? You could book an appointment with our jewelry experts to help you select the perfect pieces for your desired necklace stack. Whether it is a sleek minimalist piece that you are looking for or a chunky choker, let Jianna help you on your quest! Head to the Jianna website to see our wide collection of necklaces. 

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