Why Emeralds are more than just a gemstone

The glowing and sparkling color of emerald (panna) is a rock that all of us can incontinently fall in love with due to its captivating and seductive appearance. Additionally, emerald is taken into consideration as one of the most essential and influential rocks in Indian divination.


What it represents

This stone is well known for its stunning appearance, but it is also popular because of the advantages it brings from the Greek goddess. The goddess is stated to symbolize splendor and love in existence. Perhaps it really is why this rock is likewise referred to as the “rock for a hit love."


The emerald is stated to symbolize the earth Mercury, consistent with Vedic divination. Mercury is related to expertise and intelligence. It's believed that anyone who wears this gemstone will be given a smart mind, pointy intellect, and the ability to progress well in life. It goes without announcing that almost all business people, scholars, pens, and artists advocate wearing this gemstone to achieve these results.


Colombia is the most infamous supply of emeralds. The main area of deposit in Colombia is the Muzo mine, northwest of Bogota. It yields emeralds of great quality with rich and deep color. Northeast of Bogota is another deposit within the Chivor mine. The deposits of the Coscuez mine are promising for the future. Only one 0.33 of the emeralds installation is worth cutting. Additionally, Colombia has been a pinnacle provider of the world's emeralds. Emeralds have a medium or dark blue tone to them. The color is created through contaminations with chromium, vanadium, or a mixture of both.


Colombian rough emeralds are recognized for their excessive greatness. These emeralds have a hotter and similarly violent natural color. Deep emeralds are uncommon in nature, making them incredibly valuable and sought after. Emeralds from Colombian mines have a mild color however they hold a bold, lush color that makes them infamous. The colors of these gemstones go from vivid to lush green to bluish green. 

Emeralds are one of the most fascinating gemstones but are also incredibly stunning. It’s no surprise that so many people want them. It's time to feature these knockouts in your collection. The specialists at Jianna Jewelers can create a piece that suits your personality. Schedule your free consultation today.

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