What to look for in a Jeweler

When it comes to investing in fine jewelry, it's a decision that requires careful consideration. From choosing the right piece, to deciding when to make the purchase, it's important to find the right jewelry store. This can be a brick-and-mortar establishment or an online store. What's most important is the services and offerings the store provides to its clients.

To help guide you in your search, here are some important factors to consider when finding the best jewelry store for you. 

  1. Reputation and reviews: Check the store's reputation, read online reviews and ask for recommendations. Look for a store with a positive reputation, a consistent track record of good marks, and a long history of business.

  2. Jewelers on staff: The expertise and professionalism of the jewelers working at the store is important. Ensure they are knowledgeable about different types of jewelry, gemstones, and their properties. It's also important to find a store where the staff is personable and willing to answer your questions and listen to your concerns.

  3. Warranties: Take note of the store's warranty policies, including coverage for structural defects and manufacturing defects. Make sure you understand the post-sales services offered, such as resizing and repairs.

  4. Customer support: A good jewelry store should provide excellent customer service and offer personalized attention to each customer. Look for a store that works with you as a partner and provides clear, helpful answers to your questions without excessive upselling.

  5. Custom jewelry: If you're interested in custom jewelry, make sure the store has qualified jewelers who can create custom pieces. Ask to see examples of their work and if they can recreate a sentimental piece of jewelry, such as a lost engagement or wedding ring.

  6. Sentimental value: If you have a piece of jewelry with sentimental value that is dated or doesn't match your style, consider having it transformed into a new, custom piece that suits your taste. Ensure the jeweler has the skills and knowledge needed to reset the stones and melt down the metal.

In conclusion, finding the right jewelry store is a personal decision that should be based on your needs and the answers to these guiding questions. If you're ready to pick or craft the jewelry piece of your dreams, contact us at 713-524-3333 to learn more.

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