How to pick the right earrings for each occasion

There are so many types of earrings to wear it can be a challenge deciding which one to go with. Certain earrings work better than others for different occasions. Of course, it's not just about the occasion but what looks best for your face shape and the outfit youre going to wear. First, lets understand the different earring categories and what occasion fits them best. There are 4 main categories of earrings to choose from when making your decision.


These are widely known as being big circles that hang down past the ear. Typically this style of earring is worn for going out. This can include friends and family parties, or going out for drinks with friends. This style isnt something thats usually worn in business settings so you want to save these for more casual events.

Although hoops are primarily known as big circles, nowadays, that has changed. We see hoops in many different varieties. It could be a square, rectangle, triangle, and other shapes. You will even see hoops with gemstones and diamonds as well as other jewelry pieces dangling from the hoops. You have a lot to choose from now. A simple large hoop can be worn to lunch with friends or a rectangle with diamonds throughout could be for a fancier event. More variety means more options.


Studs are probably the most versatile of all the earrings. These earrings sit right on the ear and do not dangle at all. Theres many different stud looks so you can wear them in the office, or going out for cocktails, parties, casual everyday wear, and more. You cant really go wrong with these. Big diamond stud earrings are great for special occasions while smaller diamond or other simpler studs are great for the office and parties.

However, the most common place to wear these is at work. They are simple, dont get in the way, and arent too flashy. You can even wear them for everyday use. Many people keep these in their ear at all times and switch to other earrings for certain occasions. If youre looking to step the look up a bit but dont want other earrings, put on a necklace to go with it.


These earrings essentially hug the ear. They look similar to hoops but are much smaller and dont hang much off the ear. These fall into a similar category as studs as they can be great for the office but also nights out. The solid gold types are great for office settings where the fancier diamond or gemstone ones are great for parties. They are worn less often for fancier occasions.


Drops pretty much are what the name suggests. They hang down off the ear. Drops include chandelier type earrings. These are the best earrings for special occasions. When your outfit screams glamor, that's the time to pull these out. They are stunning and can really elevate a look. You wont see these worn during work but you will definitely see them for black tie events, special occasions, and nice parties.

Chandelier earrings are the best for formal events. They typically hang down the ear with many studs which makes it visually appealing and takes a nice outfit to the next level. Gold dangling earrings are also a great option for nice occasions or even going out with friends to a nice place.

Other Occasions

There are so many different occasions and each one calls for a different earring. If you are going on a date to a nice restaurant then drops or even certain types of hoops would be great. If you are doing something adventurous, studs are the way to go. If you attend a school that wears uniforms, studs and huggies are are a great way to celebrate your style and individuality. Anniversaries are a great way to wear any jewelry your significant other has bought for you. Of course diamond earrings are a classic which many people wear for various occasions.

Face shape

All of us look different which means different things look better on different people. If you have a round face, drop type earrings would look the best because they elongate the face. Youll want to stay away from hoop earrings.

If you have a square shape, bigger earrings will look the best.

Always take into account what you are planning on doing. Whether you are going to the beach or a theater show, or a party, youll want to pick the appropriate earring. You want simple everyday studs at the beach, diamond drops to the theater, and hoops for a party. Its good to have a couple pairs of each style that way you always have something for every occasion.

Theres so many different earring designs out there but dont be afraid to choose earrings with unique shapes to them. They can really stand out amongst a crowd.

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