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Built by three generations of expert jewelers, with 5 stores across 3 continents, Jianna Jewelers is one of the top jewelers in Houston. Our team of expert jewelers, spanning three generations, has built a reputation for quality and transparency with our clients. We are widely regarded as a trusted source for diamond and custom jewelry in Texas and beyond. Every piece of jewelry in our collection is crafted from well-sourced, natural materials that are directly obtained from mines to ensure the highest quality. Our mission over the years has been to create affordable jewelry without compromising on the quality and integrity of our products. We are committed to giving back to the community in every way possible through our products and dedication to providing excellent services. Visit our stores or shop our collection online to find that perfect piece of jewelry you have been dreaming about.

About Us
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Jianna Jewelers has been designing and manufacturing high-quality jewelry for more than three decades. The company was founded in 1986 with the goal of providing luxurious services and excellent craftsmanship. Since then, Jianna Jewelers has become one of the top jewelers in Houston, serving clients from all over the world.


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BOVET and Jianna Partnership

We have partnered with Bovet Watches to offer you the best timepieces in town. For over two centuries, the House of Bovet has been crafting luxurious timepieces that allow you to savor the true pleasure of time.


Custom Jewelry

Looking for custom-designed jewelry that matches your style and personality? Look no further! Our in-house experts create affordable, high-quality designs for clients like you. From custom fine jewelry to Indian Jewelry in Houston, we can bring your vision to life. Dream big, and let us deliver your perfect piece of jewelry!

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Frequently Asked Questions.

You can determine your ring size by using a ring sizer tool available at jewelry stores or by measuring the circumference of your finger with a piece of string and comparing it to a ring size chart. It's also advisable to have your finger professionally measured by a jeweler for accurate sizing.

Jewelry should be stored in a clean, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Consider using individual pouches or compartments to prevent tangling and scratching. Additionally, storing jewelry in a lined jewelry box or drawer can provide added protection against damage and oxidation.

Yes, many jewelry pieces can be resized or repaired. Common repairs include resizing rings, fixing broken clasps or chains, and replacing missing gemstones. It's recommended to consult with our team of jewelers for assessment and repair options tailored to your specific piece.

The 4Cs refer to the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight of a diamond, which collectively determines its quality and value. Understanding the 4Cs can help you select a diamond that meets your desired specifications and budget while ensuring optimal brilliance and beauty.

Yes, wedding bands can be engraved with meaningful messages, dates, or symbols to personalize the rings and commemorate special occasions. Engraving adds a sentimental touch to the wedding bands and serves as a lasting reminder of your love and commitment.

When selecting a wedding band for your partner, consider factors such as their lifestyle, personal style, and existing jewelry preferences. You may choose to match the metal or design of their engagement ring for a coordinated look or select a wedding band that complements your individual taste and complements their engagement ring.

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